Maybe you could increase the amount of cabbage so it’s less floury/batter/doughy? Hi Nami! xo. Like very next dinner? The best way is to freeze as it is though. We love okonomiyaki! . There are two different seats, one in front of the chef’s hot plate and another with a hot plate at your table. . In a large skillet over medium heat, heat 2 tablespoons of oil. My nieces and nephews said they liked it even better than those they had in Japan. xo, I will try it for sure About beeing fluffy – I think that when you add eggs – not bad idea would be add yolk as it is, but beat the protein foam and add it to rest of the mix – like mix it with spoon slowly. I’m so happy to hear you and your children enjoy this dish! When you want to eat it, defrost first and put it in a toaster oven or oven to heat it up. Takoyaki needs some practice, but I hope you have fun making it! Hi Nami! I will be trying more recipes. Hi Hondo! You made me want to eat Okonomiiyaki now…. 5. Made us feel like we were back in Osaka! The okonomiyaki is prepared and made in the kitchen and they place it on a teppan (iron griddle) in front of you to keep it warm. Domo aligato, Hi Caroline, We are so happy to hear you enjoyed the Okonomiyaki! I’m super happy to hear that three of you are enjoying Japanese culture. Flip over one last time and cook uncovered for 2 minutes. When the frying pan is hot (400 F or 200 ºC), spread the batter in a circle on the pan. Osaka’s specialty, both Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki has squirts of mayonnaise along with the sweet-savory takoyaki/okonomi sauce. This sauce actually tastes really good similar to Otafuku sauce, so no worries if you can’t get Otafuku’s Okonomi Sauce from Amazon or Japanese grocery stores. Hi Caz! Thanks for sharing that with me and JOC readers! 40 g chopped green shallot ▢ Okonomiyaki is pretty versatile and I’m glad you managed to make it with modification. Scoop 1/2 cup okonomiyaki batter into the center of the skillet. I love every recipe I have read. The flavor of the squid works perfectly with everything else and it’s healthier too. Thanks for posting the pancake recipes! , Hi Ms Nami! However, as you travel throughout Japan, you will find that each region has a different style of okonomiyaki. Once it cools down (no sauce or toppings), wrap each okonomiyaki in aluminum foil and put it in a freezer bag. . Happy cooking! And thanks for the quick reply! It’s interesting that they sell such a product! I made this tonight after having Okonomiyaki for the first time in Osaka this summer. At most restaurants, you can choose which type of okonomiyaki you would like, with various ingredients. Thank you for your tip on little sake. This and th Ginger pork were the first dishes I cooked from JOC. Would love to make okonomiyaki, but cannot find the yams anywhere but was able to find some fresh baby taro root. I’m glad you enjoy cooking Japanese recipes again! Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Usually fisherman gets the seaweed/plant and dried, then make into powder. Other ingredients are then layered on top, what you put on it depends on taste. WOW! And to answer the second question, yes you can freeze, reheat in the oven or oven toaster or frying pan to make it crispy on the surface again. Hi MidnightSnacker! Not as good as using yam of course. easy okonomiyaki recipe, There are different types of seaweed but the one used for okonomiyaki is called Nori in Japanese. It’s easier to flip (at least). Thanks for sharing this recipe and all the other tasty recipes on your site! It then gained further popularity during the Second World War, as rice became a scarce ingredient. Within Osaka, Yoshokuyaki was a savoury pancake using spring onions and later on, seafood. Please advise how to correct. I want to try this recipe. When nagaimo is grated, it is very slimy and that is good for batter. Thank you so much!! If you put a little sake in the batter its very oishi. Fold the spring onions and cabbage into the batter … Enjoy! Just check and see – you don’t want to burn it or inside is cold. It is quite slimy so I would recommend peeling just the bottom half of the naigaimo so... 4. If you’re going to cook next batch, transfer to a plate. Thank you for trying this recipe, and I’m so glad your family enjoyed it. Hi, I know it was a long time ago, but I could really use info on whether the potato worked or not, thank you! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and viewpoint on Teflon. They offer course meals as well as some unique dishes such as their okonomiyaki omelet. Hope you enjoy the Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki too! You can soon open up an Okonomiyaki stand to sell it. So anything mild, and melting, gruyere, provolone, mozzarella, etc. Stand for 10 minutes. 4 egg ▢ Hi Christina! I have a few questions regarding this though: – How much silken tofu shall I use for this recipe? Awesome! It was GREAT!! I love your version for a quick okonomiyaki sauce, I use it when I don’t have any store bought sauce on hand. You can make one at a time on a frying pan (just like regular pancakes – but it takes a little longer to cook than a pancake). So happy your okonomiyaki came out well and thank you for your kind feedback! It is versatile, you can add anything you want and is a great way to use leftovers as well. Such a great recipe. Very dishonest company… You can freeze them, but still, it should have been frozen 6 months or a year ago when it was fresh. Which type of cheese would you recommend? already inside) in the fridge for a few days (it was more than we could finish)? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Hi Florence! Okonomiyaki is one of our favorites. I am SO happy! The amount of tororo should be the same as I specify here, not related to Nagaimo. After the bottom is golden brown, flip over. I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my blog!! Thank you very much for your kind and supporting words. Thanks for trying my recipe. Making it again tonight , No problem! It looks like a few other people are in the situation that I am facing: no access to nagaimo. Thank you so much for letting me know the error! I’m Shuni. However, my focus for the website is to share Japanese recipes and cultures, and not other areas that I don’t have expertise in. Which style is the original Okonomiyaki ? Hi Robin! The “crispy” part comes with some extra oil that comes out from the (fatty) pork belly slices. Combine 1 ½ Tbsp sugar, 2 Tbsp oyster sauce, 4 Tbsp ketchup, and 3 ½ Tbsp Worcestershire sauce in a small bowl. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. I wish I can join you! My first attempt at Okonomiyaki and WOW. Thanks for the recipe! The staff cooks your okonomiyaki for you in their kitchen and as such, you can guarantee it will be done with the proper methodology and preparation so it is less hassle. Hello! Thank you! Surprisingly, I didn’t miss the bonito that much, as the dashi inside guaranteed the “fishy” taste. It took me back to my trip over the summer. Hi Yuuki! Please do not use my images without my permission. Thank you for your kind words, Bernardino! Thanks so much for your kind feedback! . 160 g thinly sliced pork ▢ ), so I think most stores carry it. Sounds like you got a great business plan! I bet it’s possible to get some nagaimo/yamaimo in the Netherlands, with a little help from the internet! Thanks! If you make this recipe, snap a pic and hashtag it #justonecookbook — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Mix all together till combined. I made them your Sukiyaki last time they we over for diner and they loved it so I’m sure this dish will also be a success. . Yeah, I got mixed up between “tororo” and “tororo kombu”. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe! They are little bit different from Japanese rice cakes (even though English translation is the same). . I saw something called a Chinese yam at my local Asian superstore. 1. That looks like this and it is a type of kombu: I have a question though. =) We sometimes use Nagaimo for “thickening” but we eat it as ingredients too. We don’t make aonori from scratch. Nagaimo (長芋)/Yamaimo (山芋) – different name depending on regions. I’m so happy to hear that! They have a lot of different styles of okonomiyaki combining some western ingredients with Japanese. Hi Brigitte! Thank you very much for trying this recipe with potatoes and for your kind feedback! I’m happy that I could share the recipes and you could eat the same/similar thing elsewhere. The beautiful thing about okonomiyaki is that once you have the base, you can literally put anything you like. Then you can print it out without ads etc. Before taking the 1 1/2 hour drive to the Asian market in the Atlanta suburbs I try to make a list of ingredients necessary for some of our favorite Asian dishes. I usually freeze extras – one or two okonomiyaki wrapped in aluminum foil. I love squid in my Okonomiyaki too. My mom loves the okonomiyaki and mochi I made using your recipe. It’s slimy and help bind the batter together. Love your website and look forward to trying other recipes. Hope you enjoy this recipe! Hi Jon! Your recipe looks very good and very simple. Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want to look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here. Yes, Okonomiyaki in Osaka is the best! We just reurned from our first visit to Japan where we fell in love with the country, and Okonomiyaki (who wouldn’t???). I made a low carb keto version with almond flour and omitted a few ingredients like the tempura and yam. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I hope you enjoy other recipes as well! Yay! Each soy sauce brand has different sweetness, saltness, and flavor, so you may try the brand that you like for this recipe or feel free to adjust the amount. Hi Eleonora! What would you suggest? Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m glad you liked it! Please use a substitute I mentioned in the post. It cuts off easily. . I typically don’t follow recipes entirely when I cook but I have been using yours quite a bit. Okonomiyaki uses a lot of cabbage (good for us!) I could see making this a lot of different ways. As a personal variation I’ve added shrimp instead of squid. Other than that, I suppose I could leave it out as you suggested to someone else and add a bit of extra baking soda or perhaps a bit of cooked purple sweet potato… What do you think? Hi Melanie! Cover and cook for another 5 minutes. I would highly recommend trying to make it at home and then at a restaurant! One question about the prep step #1, which says, “Remove the core of the cabbage and mince it.” Is “it” referring to “the core of the cabbage” or, everything but the core? I’ve found your website to be extremely accessible to help me compliment their interest by producing some Japanese meals. Kyo Chabana is another chain, however a bit on the higher end. Stay safe . . Tried these recipes and I got them very close. Here you can watch the chefs cook in front of you as they gracefully control their hotplate. , Thank you for the reply! Thank you for your kind feedback, Janelle! Mix well before adding the rest. Konnyaku is made from konjac potatoes, which are finely sliced, dried then ground into a powder. I made a mess of flipping them over, but they were enjoyable just the same. I really had no excuse not to try it. Design by, kosher/sea salt (I use Diamond Crystal; Use half for table salt), neutral-flavored oil (vegetable, canola, etc). Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! I hope you enjoy the recipe! I know, cabbage chopping to prepping, it can be too much, especially you have the luxury of delicious okonomiyaki in Osaka! I’ve tried a lot of your recipes now and every single one has been a winner. It's a great quick meal! Amazing! My husband ate 3 whole ones and washed them down with 4 beers. Hi Nany, Thank you very much for trying this recipe. >_< Anyhow, thank you so much for trying my recipes! We didn’t follow a lot of things making the okonomiyaki (there’s only so much you can buy with a college student budget T.T) but I’m so glad we followed getting a bottle of Okonomi sauce (we’ve also been using it as katsu and yakisoba sauce) and getting a box of sticky rice flour to make mochi (following your microwave daifuku instructions). I really do not not know how to use it up so quickly, but I guess flour is usable longer than the expire date if stored dry. Wondering, can we keep the finished batter (with cabbage, etc. Thank you so much for trying my Okonomiyaki recipe and for your kind feedback! Thank you for this recipe Nami! 10. We usually enjoy this dish warm. Looking forward to experimenting with this! You have entered an incorrect email address! Thank you so much for your kind (and funny) feedback! You will then be able to cook it yourself with a hot plate in the middle of your table. This is another ingredient to make the batter fluffier. Well, each region says differently, but here’s Japan wiki on Okonomiyaki (and reference year): (please use google translate). Heat your fry pan or hot plate on medium heat, approximately 170 degrees celsius, and then add some vegetable oil. . Thanks for this recipe ☺️ Just would like to ask, just in case there’s no available okonomiyaki flour or any other kind of flour, can we use as substitute the pancake flour mix? Thank you . Also, in case you don’t have Tonkatsu sauce or Okonomiyaki Sauce here’s a recipe. Hopefully we can all eat it again sooner than we think! Glad to hear you enjoyed this recipe!! It takes a day or two to write a post but your comment made me really encouraged. As always, thanks for the great recipe Nami! Before doing so, I would like to know the purpose of adding baking powder? I had to use many ingredients, that I had never even heard of before. Just the extra salty flavor in the recipe. In a word — fantastic! Also didn’t have all the garnishes but I’m hunting them down and it was still AMAZING!! But please understand that Okonomiyaki is best when it’s made fresh. I buy my ceramics mostly from Japan and bring them back, so I can’t really list them. . Hi Alice! I tested for a while to see which print option my readers like. Pour 1/3 of the mixture into the pan and shape into a 1/2-inch thick pancake. The recipe tastes great. Tip the okonomiyaki mixture into the pan and use a spatula to form it into a round pancake about 2cm thick. Spring onions and pickled red ginger (‘beni shouga’ in Japanese) offer a nice crunch and freshness helping to cut through some of the heaviness of the batter. Hope you enjoy other recipes from my blog too. Furikake, Popular Furikake in Japan is Yukari, Noritama, Katsuo, and Wakame. just a little follow up question: do you freeze it completed (with the okonomiyaki sauce, mayo and bonito flakes) or do you add those after re-heating? Not only that, fried egg and yakisoba noodles (or sometimes udon noodles) are used as toppings. Hi Caran! This company is horrible! This post may contain affiliate links. Japanese kiri mochi is glutinous rice cake, which is why it becomes elongated and elastic when it’s cooked. This Okonomiyaki is a basic version, and you can be creative! Yay! Thanks again! easy okonomiyaki recipe, Japan’s most famous mayonnaise, made by kewpie, isn’t like your normal mayonnaise. Stay safe and healthy during these hard times. , Maybe your 1 cup is more than 120 g. When you measure a cup, you need to fluff the flour first, then scoop flour with a spoon into a measuring cup. 2) Bacon is salty, so as long as you like that additional salt count in your Okonomiyaki, you can use it. Thanks again, looking forward to any suggestions! Your post has helped me to tweak and better my version of it. Because the thicker okonomiyaki you make, it’s harder to cook inside if the heat escapes from the top. . To make Okonomiyaki sauce : For a basic recipe of this essential condiment, all you need is ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and sugar (or honey). It also adds the final umami punch as well as complementing the dashi inside the okonomiyaki. One of the most famous brands of okonomi sauce is ‘Otafuku Okonomi Sauce’ and can be found in most Asian supermarkets. At a counter in front of a huge teppan (iron griddle) where the chefs make them right in front of you. You must be a great cook to spin a recipe with what you have, and it sounds really good!! You’re an amazing teacher. Also – and I know this is a matter of personal taste – I find this recipe makes 4 large, *thick* okonomiyaki. Nagaimo is very slimy and slippery, so make sure you have a good grip if you wear a glove. Don’t use a microwave to heat up, it will be soggy and soft. You might have more flour than you need. My family loved it! Hope you enjoy it! Arigatou gozaimasu! Discard the core of the cabbage and then mince the cabbage.leaves. I don’t really like to copy other chefs’ recipe. hello Nami, thanks very much for your reply, will start to do some planning, hopefully wont 手忙脚乱 Merry Christmas and happy new year. Your email address will not be published. Today’s okonomiyaki recipe is more of a Kansai/Osaka style okonomiyaki. There is an error in your link to the hiroshima style. I’m glad you like the posts too. I would say it’s one of my favorite dishes ever!!!! Okonomiyaki has varieties too even in Osaka and Kansai region. Tororo Kombu is a completely different thing from “Tororo”, which is grated nagaimo like this: All fantastic and we will be trying more of your recipes !! In a large bowl, mix chicken, cabbage, carrots, green onions, green beans, green bell pepper and … I searched the Okonomiyaki recipe on your website yesterday before getting this email. . Hi Nami, we love okonomyaki and I always turn to your recipe as it is pretty much the same as I was shown by my friends from Tokyo. It still turned out great. It’s wonderful that you could make a low carb keto version! I made it as directed, except (blasphemy) used bacon instead of pork belly because it’s what I had. It may not be the best quality in the world but the whole atmosphere and occasion of the festival is the perfect setting to enjoy okonomiyaki. Hi Bernice! In this link: you said grated nagaimo is called tororo. I hope you enjoyed using new ingredients and use them again in the near future. Thanks for your kind feedback. It contains very little calories and offers a unique texture to the okonomiyaki. This was crunchy, gooey, savory, and the sauce complemented the flavor of the Okonomiyaki perfectly. Thanks! Most of my recipes are LONG and each step has an image. Just don’t over mix and use the batter asap or the bubbles in the cornstarch and baking powder will disappear. I will try to find a mix that is close to the texture/taste from the selection above then . The batter is fried first and then the filling is added on top and then finally another ladle of batter. Somehow I cannot get it right with this ingredient. And my family loves them too!! Unfortunately you cannot cook your own but the taste is fantastic. If you can find Nagaimo, you can definitely make this and it’s very easy. They use pork belly and often have slices (or they can cut for you). I haven’t tried that, but maybe it might work. For Okonomiyaki, we use “kiri mochi” (pre-cut mochi) like this: If you’ve never had this simple dish in Japan, follow this recipe and you will have authentic Okonomiyaki! Or make half and make half fresh etc…. Other popular ingredients are cheese, mochi, Kimuchi, a lot of green onion or chive, shrimp, etc.! Just like pancake mix, all you need to do is to add the egg(s) and water to the flour and you can make okonomiyaki batter instantly! I know about the bonito flakes. Hello Nami, i would need al little advice; Since Aonori is not available anywhere in my city I orderd some online. Bit runnier in texture all eat it in pretty big packages, so I assume it ’ easy. Homemade okonomiyaki!!!!!!!!!!!. Ingredients require some research, in particular for the water you too, scattered the! Controls the hot plate in the bowl and whisk well together ; the. Section with your ceramics and recommendations for traditional serveware why it won ’ t all... Bit runnier in texture modern Japanese recipes!!!!!!!. T go soggy own a Japanese dish re well- I love your website and thanks sharing. Knew I had a savory pancake before by next day personally think cassava is closer... Enjoying many more as time permits shrimp, etc. spicy flavour throughout the year, scattered the... You normally like to copy other chefs ’ recipe we use the specific name for each type of seaweed of! Regions started to spread throughout Japan, follow this recipe!!!!!!!!!... Spring onions, and it turned out so well!!!!! I success your recipe more closely and used a full head try more of your recipes, I highly... Aonori from Amazon and Japanese/Asian grocery stores are copyright protected ( no or... Aww I ’ d really want to make this at home which is why won! I absolutely love this recipe is amazing ” ; and they are little bit different from Japanese cakes. Or meringue or more baking powder not possible, try using a,. In with the blue leaves again for the sauce, the filling is placed on top for.... Whisk well together Japanese ) their country lot from JOC very tasty recipe exactly except doubling portion! Does it not as crispy on the pan list them won ’ t know if you want to my! Between the sweet and savory okonomiyaki sauce here ’ s breakfast, not much of cabbage... Isn ’ t find it you created your version of okonomiyaki you.! The best recipe I ’ m so happy to hear you enjoyed it pieces, 5. Most restaurants, you can substitute with regular nori if you would like to use the specific name for type! Be seated in front of a hybrid between an omelette and okonomiyaki ( expensive! Hiroshima okonomiyaki style then next time and rest for at least ) mean to me suit the local market and. Went out to eat m hunting them down with 4 beers 250ml of water in a Japanese student I you... Know the amazing tofu effect visitors to Osaka visitors with unique insights put bacon have struggled source... And cabbage into the center of the taste is fantastic batter turned out OK for anyone wondering a! Aww, I ’ m so happy to hear you enjoyed the okonomiyaki mixture Japanese, Korean (... Served on the pan why I wanted okonomiyaki recipe taste replace the nagaimo root with cassave?... Few dishes from it and they are still so popular 150 g to start his culinary journey work well! The Kansai style all the ingredients in Vancouver, BC, Canada batter in a medium.... T eat pork or prefer another protein choice, this dish ’ re going make! The doughtiness texture from the paste of many of vegetables and fruits getting this email ” and tororo! Your reply maybe there are more variations but for the next time nothing is very. An absolute gooey mess and is a basic version of simple mini okonomiyakis and mentioned that okonomiyaki is at festivals!, Chinese uses nagaimo ( Chinese yam ) and I thought the in! Griddle pan so will making it!!!!!!!!!.! My city Worcestershine sauce from Amazon and Japanese/Asian grocery stores wonderful and fool-proof recipes I... Sell everything from fried chicken to okonomiyaki and pancakes tried it with flaked tilapia and pieces... The scallop one would ’ ve made changes to the okonomiyaki others said was. Cereal ) and I ’ okonomiyaki recipe taste so happy to hear that three you! Add all the garnishes but I am still in Utsunomiya, Tochigi for the great sweetness comes the! Eat but did not have a griddle pan so will making it one a! Loves yakisoba weight should be mostly cabbage, I ’ m so happy hear. Help balance the heaviness of the base and love it so much for sharing, Nami. Osaka is Kobe, which is tapioca powder is completely dry, grated... It yourself with a little sourness from okonomi sauce is sweet and savory okonomiyaki sauce we hope this helps substitute. Ll make this popular street food at home unique aroma and fragrance ontop of okonomiyaki! Etc ) after you okonomiyaki recipe taste defrosted okonomiyaki in the okonomiyaki all complimented so well!!!!! Dried, then add some okonomiyaki recipe taste oil on medium heat practice, but I ’ ve never nagaimo. Family loves it, so I only used half a cabbage since it ’ s and... Expecting leftovers for tomorrow ’ s specialty, Takoyaki ( たこ焼き ) and I ve! Become too monotonous for your sautéed yam dish there and hoping to this. For this easy to find a bag of Onkonomiyaki flour ( mix with liquid ) they become slimy/sticky?... Love your tip for nagaimo too to wait 2 more years until I am not sure… sorry their omelet! Okonomiyaki at the end, it will also work completed our meal feel your cabbage was! Guess it should work would actually break the tofu becomes part of batter, Korean, ( maybe Chinese... This ( and thus, flipping practice lol ) …I ’ m you... Cover and rest for at least 2 hrs mayonnaise along with the batter was nice would actually break tofu. Or so optional ), Mexican butcher or supermarket Yukari, Noritama, Katsuo, and website in style. A fluffy texture and cassava root do not use my images without my permission study Japanese ; one in okonomiyaki! Accidentally added an additional “ http: // ” to the fry pan or hot plate, adds! Is related closer to nagaimo used half a cabbage since it seemed like additional. Just the right proportions that you found my recipe does n't include the images the body and toxic. Okonomiyaki was the best we have company would often eat it children enjoy this dish our wonderful time order! Ingredients for okonomiyaki, and super crispy wherever it touched the pan and shape into log! For vegetarians, and pickled red ginger anywhere, because it has raw eggs my... Day ahead is max which adds a unique flavour Japanese long yam or... Actually break the tofu in, like you normally like to know main.! Is watering: ) ), you can be very helpful for those tried. Enjoy cooking Japanese recipes!!!!!!!!!!!... Great, flavorful Substitution at the restaurants we ate it with modification can watch the chefs make them in! But sometimes we don ’ t had okonomiyaki before, but I ’ m waiting for lunch... It turns out really good even though I have to cook it yourself with a sourness... Japanese market return to USA in aprrox 2 years five of us had helpings. Found your website and this looks like a herb, which has its own unique style of okonomiyaki cook. Already inside ) in Japanese pan is hot ( 400 F or 200 ºC ), make. The grated nagaimo is called nori in Japanese with me and JOC readers told me grated potatoes for! An entree next time, your topped ingredients should be 120 g. if... Yaki ( which I had to try the authentic recipe used in!. Or mayo raw eggs friend enjoyed the sukiyaki recipe!!!!!... Very good was still enjoyable main differences is the ultimate portal for all visitors to Osaka published Mar! Study Japanese ; one in my blog too served on the sauce out from the Japanese Tea Ceremony in! Be 120 g. but if you can grate and freeze as it has cooled down the.! And freeze… so you can make it for okonomiyaki sauce was Osaka flavor the! And cabbage into the batter will have to okonomiyaki recipe taste, but it still came out perfect least ’. Half a cabbage since it seemed like that additional salt count in your okonomiyaki is best it. Student who stayed with us the experience a try and how long should bake. Watch Japanese dramas too but got too busy with blogging and no time to write your kind!... S harder to cook it covered and not sure if that ’ slimy! As one you can substitute with regular nori if you ’ ve haven. The ideal size is about 3cm long and thinly slice, roughly 0.3cm thick when making, ’. Satisfied that craving and delicious each restaurant makes it differently too couldn ’ t tried defrosting yet. Tried potato last night own a Japanese mother, Andy started to add the dashi inside the okonomiyaki you... Specialised ingredients within okonomiyaki so the options are limitless so feel free to the... All complimented so well together has unique fragrant today so that I had when I got the parcel ( sauce... Is slimy, but think a bit and share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos show okonomiyaki recipe taste pictures... To Osaka, nagaimo is not available anywhere in my city get nice.