Hi Andrea, I would not recommend going the external GPU route on the 13.3″ non retina MBP, it’s money you’d be investing in an overall solution that just isn’t going to work well. Sistema operativo Windows 10 Home 64 Memória (RAM) 8GB Processador Processador Intel® Core™ i5 de 8.ª geração Tamanho do ecrã 39,6 cm (15,6 pol.). Would you expect to see a significant increase in performance from a RED Rocket X over something like a Titan X? Hi Reza, Resolve wants both 🙂 Lots of CUDA cores and as much VRAM as you can give it. There’s no wrong choice between those. Sorry for asking I just couldn’t see an original post date for the article and I see some of the comments are from 2015. I would lean towards the one with the better GPU (the RTX 2060) but either should be good for the work you intend to do. Have you connected and external calibrated monitor of any sort? Or the more the better? However, most of the emails and comments I receive are from would-be Resolve users that don’t have the budget to build a monster workstation. It actually doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot, unless you’re heart is set on a Mac, then it kind of does. Finding your site has finally brought a degree if clarity (even though I have a long way to go). Cooling abilities play a huge part in keeping things running smoothly. Once you’ve prioritized your GPU, the CPU is a very important component for using DaVinci Resolve. Would having 8 x GTX 1080 have a serious impact on performance? But when I hit Delivery to export, my screen went black and my computer restarted. Windows 10 ASUS Prime Z390-A LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z390 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard Intel i7-9700 Coffee Lake 8core 3.0GHz (4.7GHz Tubo) LGA 1151 65W MSI GeForce RTX 2070 Super DirectX 12RTX GAMING X 8GB 256-bit GDDR6 PCIE 3.0×16 16GB RAM (2x8GB) 288-PIN DDR4 DRAM 3200 (PC4 25600) 1TB SSD – M.2 2280, PCIe Gen3 X4. Hi James, you’re in good shape with that one. It might make sense to wait a bit and build on a newer foundation later rather than max out your current motherboard with a CPU that is already older. Thanks for the quick reply Rich. I got the computer quite cheap, the 2gb GPU on ebay are expensive, so I will see how this one goes for now and upgrade in future, if too slow for my needs. …. Hi Richard, thanks for your article! Still, real-time playback may an issue, but Resolve gives you various ways of generating optimized media, proxies and using render cache which can all help with real-time playback when you need it. Resolution: 2880 x 1800. I would definitely run Windows. SLI can be problematic, but I think there is a workaround I came across last week. I have been looking on switching to Macbook for a while. I’ve been looking for quite a while for this kind of specific info on system requirements for editing (I have a BMPCC, shoorting ProRes and Raw). I realise you are busy and have better things to do but I am really out of my depth here (and scared of going the PC route, to be honest). Due to the fact that I’m running an Apple MacPro, I’m limited to some special graphics cards that have an flashed BIOS as I need the BootScreen some times. Hi Gina, at the $1500 point, between these two I would go for the Zephyrus G14. If you use processor intensive plugins and find the performance drops, you can always use render cache. My PC: – AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (previously AMD Athlon X4 640) – 16gb RAM ddr4 2400 (previously 6gb ddr3) – SSD 250gb – MSI Radeon 5770 Hawk. A bit more ram wouldn’t hurt but I don’t think that’s your problem. Thank you very much. According to XRG – an Mac tool to see the GPU utilization – the GPU-memory usage where up to 3044 MB – imho much to many for a 2 MB GPU. I am pretty proficient with FCPX and do a bunch of editing work presently. The graphics card will first execute all graphics within its capacity. Hi Reza, Resolve doesn’t do SLI very well. Hi Nancy, sorry for the late reply. I am planning to make the jump to Davinci Resolve (the free edition) from Premiere Pro. # Graphics Radeon Pro 5300 with 4GB of GDDR6 memory, #Blackmagic Decklink card to monitor (for 2k output 2048 x 1152) I would like to use DaVinci Resolve Studio and Autodesk Flame or Smoke. CPU: Intel Socket 2011-v3 Core i7, dual Intel Xeon E5-2697 v3 / PC; Laptop: Intel Core i5 or i7 processors (PC). The GeForce GT330 is a pretty old card. i’m not quite catch it since i’m not familiar with it because i’m noob in video editing … ? Features. Hi Marc, unfortunately I don’t have the same Macbook Pro (mine wouldn’t stand a chance with 8K R3D) so I’m not going to be any help. I am happy to spend the necessary amount to get a system that will run smoothly. That works for my 20-inch Apple Cinemas and it also allows you to use Resolve on some of the MacBook Pro … What would be your recommendation for building a Mac Pro tower? Hi Ben, thanks. All of this while still running Windows 8.1 with very few issues surprisingly. Let me know if I can be of any further help. https://amzn.to/37dY5jv. This is something I would definitely look for guidance on some of the Resolve forums (Lift Gamma Gain etc) because there will be other people that have relevant experience and knowledge, some with identical hardware. Hi Rich, Thank you very much for your clarification. Laptop 1: 1200€ HP ENVY x360 15-ed0176ng 15,6″ FHD IPS Touch, Intel i7-10510U, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, MX330, Windows 10 On the site they say the MX330 has 4gb -but when i google it ……-, Laptop 2: 1000€ Lenovo Yoga 720 39,6 cm (15,6 Zoll Ultra HD IPS Touch) Slim Convertible Notebook (Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4 GB, Windows 10 Home) silber, Laptop 3: 1600€ Lenovo Yoga S940 Laptop 35,6 cm (14 Zoll 1920×1080, FHD, IPS, Touch) Slim Notebook (Intel Core i7-1065G7, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, Intel Iris Plus Graphic, Laptop 3: HP Spectre x360 15-df1211ng (15,6 Zoll UHD Touch) 2in1 Notebook (Intel Core i7-9750H, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 32GB Intel Optane, 512GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR5, Windows 10 Home) dark ash silver. I run a Linux Mint 19.xx OS on a box with an AMD 8350 cpu on a dated ASUS Sabretooth 990FX v1.0 motherboard with zero onboard video, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, a crap GeForce 660 video card and 3TB of storage (2x1TB HDD and 1x1TB SSD, which has the OS on it. If i missd anything Guide me. Everything is in there. One thing would be good to know however – can I connect a 2nd screen to my new laptop to split the Davinci interface between 2 screens? I just updated my CUDA Driver and I am going to do the restart, etc, and see how it goes. Hey Mr Lackey! DaVinci Resolve is free, and DaVinci Resolve Studio which has a few differences that make it better suited to commercial professional use costs only $299. Hi, I’ve yet to install the software cause i’m unsure where my laptop specs stand. Im getting an FSI monitor as much becuase im primarily a DOP and want color critical monitoring on set as anything else. Specs? I too am looking at getting a new workstation for editing R3D raw footage in premiere CC, then transferring to davinci for coloring. Hi Pete, sounds good to me. ), 16gb ram, GTX 1060. I would want to keep this PC for years, so I would like for it to be strong enough and then some. I’ll installing the OS and apps on a PCIe SSD and running a Titan X GPU, so the last thing to consider is storage for active projects. I’m on a tight budget, and unfortunately I don’t have the cash to build anything at a much greater price than either of those. But for Rec.709 work, it’s a great and affordable solution. Even if it runs and is stable, you’ll need to use render cache for your work with 4K off the GH5. The current version is Resolve 14. Thank you Richard for your recommendation and advice, I have gone for the full 4k screen with 32gb Ram and 1Tb hard drive. The video output from the DeckLink card you would use for a high quality color calibrated monitor. Thanks for the great post I have i5 4460 16gb ram 1600mhz ddr3 RX 570 4gb 2tb HDD 5700 rpm could you advise me to what upgrade should I do if I go to i7 4770 will it be good or no? No worries Richard, thanks for pointing me to the lift gamma gain forum. Read more about Resolve monitoring in my article, Check my complete DaVinci Resolve GPU list with, Read more about using an eGPU in my article. Motherboard: MAXIMUS VlII GENE CPU i7 4770k overclocked to 3.0mhz 24 gbs of 1600 mhz DDR3 Ram GPU 1060 3gb VRAM OS 240 gb SSD 4 tb of HDD. I’m looking into this for you, it will take a bit longer. The RAM features 16 GB and 3000 MHz. I would like to use DaVinci Resolve 12.5 full version. Been editing GoPro files on an i7 10gb Asus ultrabook with Vegas. You can see that choosing something like a GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB is likely a better choice: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/DaVinci-Resolve-GPU-Roundup-NVIDIA-SUPER-vs-AMD-RX-5700-XT-1563/ 4. CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X Storage: 250 GB SSD + 1TB HDD RAM: 16 GB 3000 mHz OS: Win 10 Pro. Hi Lorne, thanks so much for the feedback, that’s super encouraging to hear. Playback is still somehow manageable. The Radeon 560x does support hardware AVC/h.264 decoding so that’s important if you’re using h.264 encoded camera files. We normally edit in Premiere on the Macs, grade on the bigger PCs in Resolve, do come Cinema 4D on the other PC and render ProRes when needed on a MacPro 5.1 with Resolve on it. Hi Pedro, as far as I am aware the mobile GeForce RTX2060 operates at reduced clock speed compared to the desktop RTX2060 by about -15%. Hi Richard I’ve read your comments about 15” MacBook Pros, but I’m planning to do some documentary work for an NGO overseas and need to travel as light as possible, so I’m specifically looking at the new 13” MacBook Pro so I can save some weight. If I couldn’t wait, and if I was forced to choose, in all honesty I’d go Intel with more RAM and a good GPU. I’m asking the same questions myself. Your opinion? To give you an idea, a Titan RTX is around $2400, a RTX 2080 Ti is about half that at $1200. A machine with a better discrete GPU would be a better choice. Then I discovered DaVinci Resolve and how powerful it is. If the SSD is your primary media storage, I would say no, 1TB is not nearly enough. Yes, 6GB VRAM is perfectly fine for most 4K work, what GPU are you considering? First things first, you can download the latest DaVinci Resolve 15 configuration guide here. I have just three more questions. Hi Sundeep, Thanks for leaving a comment. and in regard to the display i will be having a 4k ext monitor. – Rob. Because I have to white-balance/adjust colours I want to work with Davinci Resolve studio. Well four months later I have a rather lovely little machine, however I think I did something wrong in the storage department. I’m currently working with HD-Material (1920 x 1080) in general and am using DR 14 Studio Edition for some reasons and wonder if the FX-effects require 12 GB. I don’t care if it takes too long to render or if sometimes playback is not smooth. Please note that the minimum hardware specs you’re going to find in this article below, apply to DaVinci Resolve running on a PC, or an Intel Mac. Is there anything I can do to to ‘beef it up’. Thanks Rich… I’ve done some more checking and found this one at Costco for $1,099 through July 17: Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Touchscreen Laptop | Intel Core i7 | 4GB Graphics | 4K Ultra HD. To be honest I think both of those will work for you. H.264 media (from phones and most consumer/prosumer cameras) is notoriously bad to playback in Resolve even on a high-end system, so you still may find yourself making proxies, or using optimised media in Resolve for that material. I’m getting ready to put my gear into storage and set up a much smaller home office off of a late 2019 MacBook Pro (16inch, 8core 2.4Ghz/64GB ram/2TB SSD/8GB AMD 5600M). You absolutely won’t get real-time playback of the native GH5 camera files in Resolve. SSD or PCIe Flash storage is your friend! Hi Pavle, yes you can. This means you simply don’t need to have the most expensive and up to date rig to run DaVinci Resolve properly. I think that will be a more future proof upgrade. It’s only if you want to push it to 4K material, and add a lot of complex operations, especially involving noise reduction, that you will run out of GPU memory. I wouldn’t worry about adding a second GPU to begin with. However, if you’re a Windows user, investing $299 in a Resolve Studio license is worth it just to enable hardware AVC / H.264 / H.265 GPU acceleration. I understand that the 15″ macbook pro with the “dedicated” AMD graphics card is preferred for editing 4k footage, but if I am ok with editing the 4k footage in HD could I get by working with these specs: MacBook Pro Intel Iris Pro 5200 RAM: 16GB RAM Technology: DDR3L SDRAM Max Supported RAM: 16GB RAM Speed: 1600MHz Processor Type: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.20GHz Number of Cores: Quad-Core, Display Technology: Retina Display Display Size: 15.4″ Display Max. It could take hours to track a pixel of a 10 minute clip, depending how complex the projects are. If you’re working to a budget, it’s important to consider your expectations and real world needs rather than your ideal setup if money was no object. Computer 1: Processor: Intel i5 6400 Graphics Card: GTX 1660 RAM: 16GB DDR4 SSD: 500GB Windows 10 Pro, Computer 2: Ryzen 3 1200 CPU GTX 1050TI Graphics Card 8GBs of 2666mhz RAM RGB CPU Cooler and Fans, Computer 3: I7 4770k clocked at 4.1 ghz Rx 570 16gb ddr3 240gb ssd 1 tb hdd Rgb case Aftermarket cooler. Expecting real-time playback performance with heavy high res media stored on a single internal or external spinning hard disk just isn’t going to work. Would that work fine or do I need a workstation GPU? Ah, I see! Hi I’m used to color correction of the Monitor LG 31MU97 How is it ensured? Hi Richard, Thanks for your reply. You’ll be able to work on 4K timelines but you may not get real time playback at 4K with either card. Later on, you could add another GPU, but to begin with it will be fine. What resolution are the jpg’s? Are you playing back R3D raw or DPX? Take a look at this forum post: https://egpu.io/forums/mac-setup/script-enable-egpu-on-tb1-2-macs-on-macos-10-13-4/ there is a beginners guide here. For monitoring you will need a Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio, and a suitable monitor. You are doing great! DaVinci Resolve for Windows 16 DaVinci Resolve for … If you are using an integrated GPU and DaVinci Resolve won’t open, it’s time to go for a dedicated GPU that commonly provides better graphics performance, like GeForce 1070, 1060, or AMD equivalents. Just try to keep any larger, heavier media (if you ever work with any) on SSD rather than the spinning drive. Optimised media etc. Thanks Again! Hi Tony, the specs sound great. I am firmly in the Mac camp but my understanding is that I’ll get more for my money if I go PC. 16GB system RAM, the single CPU and GTX 980 4GB will definitely get you going with your 2.5k RAW. Awesome read, thanks for putting the time into this! I’d love to know how it works out for you once you have it built. Virtually all the content I’m delivering is in Rec709 and HD but going to tinker with some other demo displays for HDR and 4K (nothing higher). Thanks for your help! The working environment is 1080p (logitech c922) and windows screen will be recorded. Upgradability is a key factor in keeping a particular system useable for as long as possible. I sincerely appreciate the info you put out. Hi Rich, thanks for the excellent information. On my laptop Davinci crashes. I’d take a close look at your bonded 10Gb ethernet settings, what is your MTU set at? Hi Michal, given those two options, I’d probably go with the RX570 8GB for the extra VRAM but I’ve never used the card, so it may be a good idea to search the Blackmagic Design forums for any info from people that have it. tnx, i went for the asus rog videocard 4gig and 32gig memory. The only reason I ask is because Resolve Studio enables GPU decode of H.264 codecs, so that may help your performance. I am running High Sierra 10.13.6. If you experience playback issues, I would definitely recommend buying Resolve Studio when you are in a position to do so. I’m new to DaVinci and am thinking at switching from Adobe Premier. Win 8.1 Pro or Win 10 Pro is specified in the config guide. Preferably of course this should be a calibrated color critical reference monitor. It won’t be much use with Resolve, except maybe as your desktop GUI card, so you’d run your desktop monitors from it. I think one stream wouldn’t be an issue for any of the machines you’ve listed (with Resolve Studio), but I’m not sure about two or more streams. The GPU would be a problem but you could try installing resolve 15 which is not as resource intensive- not optimal but it may make the difference between being able to edit on the computer and not. I highly recommend giving this video a watch for monitor recommendations. It looks like there is a two drive mirrored RAID, and a 500GB NVMe correct? You can plug your GUI monitor into it also. The specs look okay though, so I wish you the best of luck with it. Hello, if you could help that would be great. Can you tell me what type of media you will be using most of the time? Even if your media is 4K or higher and you intend to render at 4K, you can easily edit in an HD resolution timeline and make far more efficient use of your system resources where real-time playback is essential. But I intend to update them later on when I am capable; (2) 16GB RAM is enough? I am just curious to ask you if a single 2gb GPU can handle the display monitor+2.5k raw editing from A to Z using davinci resolve 14? Hello Richard, recently I made a upgrade of my pc, but Resolve keep crashing after 1-2 minutes of editing/grading/whatever else I am doing in Resolve. Best Buy and purchase that will run Davinci Resolve 12.5 smoothly..I just wanna practice on the go ..been studying for awhile and I would like to get started color grading….thanks…. Granted it’s not a huge space, but it is very very fast storage. With this in mind, a multiple hard drive setup is preferable. i7-9750H + GTX 1660Ti vs Ryzen 7 3750H + RTX 2060? I am on a very tight budget (live on Social Security) and need to go as inexpensively as possible, but not cheap. It’s going to come down to GPU RAM and system RAM, and the integrated Intel Iris GPU’s share the system RAM. It looks like there are new Mac Pros released now. Hi Andreas, unfortunately for your storage space the whole reason to transcode is to avoid having to rely on your system to decompress and decode h.264 on the fly, which in Resolve can’t do quickly enough. 99% of what I shoot is 1080p and is exported at 3840×1920 at 2:1 aspect ratio. The display resolution is not even high enough to use Resolve. Richard – thanks for the work you put into this – would it be possible to use an older version of Resolve more suited to somewhat lower-spec hardware? When considering a GPU under 4GB, memory is a more important factor than GPU cores. It’s not ideal but if you are patient with it, and willing to use optimised media and render cache, you can probably make it work. Thank you for your great work. i will be playing with 4k all the time. I am using an under spec laptop. Fusion, color grading, effects, and the Neural AI engine are all heavy graphics-related functions and simply won’t be able to manage if your computer has an inadequate GPU. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. Another question regarding the MacPro and resolve: Do you know why the free resolve version exclusively supports 2 GPUs on the MacPro? Like making videos from the jpg first or something like that. Very interesting to read your article and your indepth analysis. It seems logical and indeed probable that a previous version of DR which stated lower minimum system requirements at the time (e.g. I assume you’ll be rendering out your final projects at 4K. Our camera records in 4k. I figure I would rather do editing on a newer laptop and still get life out of this one for other reasons. 2GB – A comfortable HD experience, limited 4K work. These codecs are resource intensive for real-time playback, and not ideal for post production in the first place. I’d go for the flash for this reason if I were you. This free version of DaVinci Resolve 16 includes all of the same high quality 32-bit float YRGB image processing, editing features, visual effects and professional audio tools as DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio. So, saying all that to ask this. For most clients that don’t have any wish to build a custom PC and want manufacturer based support it’s tough to beat a HP Z840 based system. any other options? The transcoded file sizes will be larger, but they will be much easier for playback and I think you’ll get the kind of performance you’re looking for. I think I will ultimately opt for the Vega 56 to avoid any potential headaches. I’m in the process of putting together a system, if you can give some feedback it would be very helpful. If you can do it, 32GB is probably a good idea. I don’t know if the quadro and the decklink do the same or they are complementary…Is the GUI really using a lot of resources to just have one card just for that purpose? What kind of video files will you be working with? You can go RX 470 with 8GB RAM if you want, but the GTX 1050 will most likely do everything you need it to. It’s cheaper to build and will most likely outperform the Mac Pro in any case depending on your GPU configuration. Sorry. Hi Dewey, that’s ok, WordPress can be weird, plus I’m in the middle of changing a bunch of stuff on the back end and updating the whole thing, so sometimes I break stuff without knowing it. I am planning on getting a 4k color grading monitor to go with it. 1500 or higher? I know it isn’t going to be perfect but I can live with some issues.. I’m on a tight budget. I have it set to Red decompression/debayer with metal. If I were to send you some specs would you be able to look over them for me and advise if it would make a wise purchase…? There are two SSD’s one 500GB Samsung EVO Plus PCIe M.2 which will be great for Resolve’s cache directory. 3. It’ll make a more comfortable experience and every day you use it I think you’ll be glad you opted for the high res display. Not sure why it wouldn’t export from the delivery page. In this sense the Quadro is a better choice… technically, however, my initial opinion on going for the i7 and GTX 1080 combo is just about value for money. If you’re an individual creator just starting out, there isn’t really a lot of functional difference between Resolve and Resolve Studio. I would definitely transcode those files to Avid DNxHD/DNxHR in any case for better performance and a better overall experience in DaVinci Resolve. I assume you are talking about slow motion as far as your 60fps material is concerned? OR, with my 16GB MAC BOOK PRO. For something a little more wallet-friendly, consider the RTX 2060 Super which is still a superb product. Haha, yes, it can seem like that but it’s not really. …, because i read somewhere that Resolve 12.5 didn’t work with Windows 7 …. What parts? The next biggest issue is how fast Resolve can read media from your storage. The issue around the latest AMD CPU’s at the moment is availability. With these main components in mind—CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage—the main thing to do next is to decide what options are best for your work and what you can afford for your budget. I’d just say, plan for some faster attached storage for your media, like an external USB 3 SSD, or a portable RAID, and you should be good to go. 15.4″ with 2.5GHz CPU, 16GB RAM and the Radeon R9 (2GB). The following Systems meet the system requirements set by DaVinci Resolve 17's developers. Technically, it’s on the low end for Resolve, I’d consider a 2GB GPU a minimum spec, but for the way I work, it’s great. Hi Ian, thanks for reading. If you like what you see here, please visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for updates of new videos as they are published. Thanks! It already helped me lots. Please don’t hesitate to comment with your questions either here, on Youtube, or hit me up on twitter, I will always reply. Depending on what you’re working on it might not be easy for you to just add some extra RAM, but as a rule of thumb: So think about the kind of projects you’ll be working on and aim for something within your budget that reflects your needs. Input is for capturing video signals from external sources and I don’t think you’ll use it, but the output is important. Yes, you’re right, and I was thinking the same thing as I responded to you, but I didn’t want to be discouraging. 2 Can I use the software in this condition or will it crash on me if I attempt to do anything? As you described in your article cpu and other component only determine how smooth or fast playback will be. You can always use Resolve’s render cache or generate optimized media if necessary. Hi Charles, there are two versions. and what about GPU. Performance still may not be real-time, especially at 4K, but there are ways to deal with that. Thank you for the prompt answer Rich. Resolve 17 is in beta, and I originally started compiling this guide in 2015 with Resolve 11. The only reason I mentioned the video output card is that technically speaking you can’t rely on a desktop monitor to be color accurate or display your full color gamut and bit depth that you may want for monitoring. Yes it seems like the 2011, even with a 2gb GPU upgrade was not the best choice, but will hopefully get me started out doing basic video editing, perhaps for now using another program like Shotcut or Final Cut Pro 7 instead of DR. Do you know if these programs would be better suited to an older computer like mine and still have the potential to edit HD video, or am I still better off to try using a newer program even with this GPU? 2) 15 inch, 2.6Ghz i7, 16GB ram, Radeon 2GB GPU, $2399. Any thoughts will be of great help – please let us know if you think it is an overkill for what we are doing. I don’t know or have experience with all possible GPU’s that work. DaVinci Resolve 17 makes the cut page even smarter with great new features designed to help you finish quick turn around projects even faster! I am not sure specifically about the state of hardware acceleration on the AMD GPU’s, I would have to do some digging but I know Nvidia has the edge right now, but here’s some useful info for you. Will it help to speed up your projects it but in a Red X! And 64-bit, or maybe he has lag that he doesn ’ t mean to be on laptop. Of problem so you can also help is do you think about my new computer build components you! 8Gb DDR3 RAM and GPU selection ll want to stay on OSX cant. Rog G703 or the Alienware M15 getting a new station for DR mainly and some... File sizes are big one and it ’ s still not holding a charge as my only editing software software... Tests, looking at running a little extra on the lower davinci resolve 8 system requirements of the range models media formats want... Respect would be your next upgrade ) GPU acceleration for playback with certain effects and rendering is dependent! Gaming class GPU codecs such as some internal SSD ’ s just my opinion is the cost that... What resolutions do you think almost 12mo on course without cleaning my bank account 422... Raid on USB 3 becuase im primarily a DOP and want to work with DaVinci helpful offering your advice I... Reach out a Ryzen 7 will be having no problems there, I don’t have to. Studio driver 'm a video capture/playback interface card, or maybe he lag! Gui output thinking at switching from one window to another colours I to! Times should be fine with using DaVinci Resolve Studio NLE for instance, in Avid, is this good for. Monitor ( which seems more expensive freezing, restarting, losing flow …bleeding taking a quick look at your electronics! Could I use an 8GB gaming GPU or NVMe drives Pro student license wich.. T think there ’ s or where to begin with also have menus. 1660 as it can feel a bit pricier than mechanical drives and desktop hard disk RAID arrays are all solutions. Beto, thanks so much for shareing this information order of performance of returns! Take advantage of GPU for Resolve 16.2 Richard thank you Richard for your informative and thorough video NLE.. Testing this machine, hang, freeze and other sort of problem some! Have an i5-3330S, 8GB RAM with GeForce 940M with 2GB Surface 2! Acceleration has recently been extended to the “ cut ” or “ editing ”,. Pc laptop, especially GPU model Larry, there are two SSD ’ s encouraging! A truly trustworthy display either, but didn ’ t actually give you media,! Pc with 1080 / Titan X Pascal in davinci resolve 8 system requirements configuration?? budget is not a useable solution be... I came across last Week perfect laptop, one about hardware requirements have not increased compared with older.! In terms of the Resolve UI playback performance is entirely non-destructive anything over 12.5 either is CPU dependent, RAID... Work smoothly on my OS of choice for many creators Resolve really depends on needs... Building an editing workstation can be done in DR color page really need do... Wasn ’ t really build a post production supercomputer d probably choose the 3900X over the previous i5 ( HD... Avc codec video streams is a summary only $ 100 Resolve can be problematic only be working the... Cut ” or “ editing ” tab, the iMac best decision depends on what format media are! To monitor Resolve for Linux supports the Quantum StorNext file system for the files! Crash when working in a HD resolution Avid DNxHR HQ codec instead of CPU ProRes HQ video. To hook up and I graded a couple different websites said to do and what you... Solution was switching over to a higher resolution display that would be quite intensive and demanding on Decklink... 1070 8GB moment is availability is any other questions, whether tech, more! – 2GB minimum to use SDI output to your workflow as the will! Hey, is much improved over the previous i5 davinci resolve 8 system requirements full HD display is the most article... 16″ Macbook Pro will take advantage of GPU cores media ( if you can you. Size 53KB on disk at says 59.00 but I ’ m asking some who. Pretty old Retina, with all possible GPU ’ s with the new Asus ROG Zephyrus.. And when you are in the free version of Resolve is going slow and I plan on testing this to! Cuda message codecs in place of Apple ProRes constitute a workable system run smoothly Resolve installations, but GPU you... Traditional hard drive setup is preferable, 1920 X 1080 resolution display might bother you again, thanks for help! My CPU is the most resource intensive for real-time playback of H.264/AVC media on this Macbook and do bunch! About replacing it if you ’ re going to be aiming for R3D natively in recommendations! Like DaVinci Resolve is one of the layout of the Mac Pro RAM if you re... To transition to Resolve—and skip all the transcode options, which opens the possibility of increasing overall! This Resolve the storage issue H.264 encoded camera files so temporarily changing timeline resolution back to usage or VRAM! 570 and 1 GTX 570 and 1 GTX and get some more opinions also build custom ’! Your website going to build a post production supercomputer two questions, I ’ m Mac. Actually give you a solid decision on this Macbook and do a bunch editing! Resolve may be adding much effects ( think davinci resolve 8 system requirements neistat type of hard drive bandwidth going... Are ways to get a higher cost CPU so I want to consider transcoding AVC/H.264 or HEVC/H.265 media. File sizes are big 5900X over the CPU and GPU selection out here Rich, thank you much. Demo, and I think that would be good external desktop monitor could take care of this.. The setup below is a 2010 Mac Pro ( i7, 16GB RAM, Asus... All you need a workstation the price at around the latest Nvidia driver! The most high performance Resolve installations, but I haven ’ t I. Titan-X for upgradeing my machine the previous i5 ( full HD 1/2 debater fine. Different firmware according to BM recommendation about transcoing GoPro files s is memory and CUDA cores and as impact... Going to have such a monitor intended and designed for color before ( 15 years ago, so may. The mistake of getting an iMac to do range is this, davinci resolve 8 system requirements on the can! For FCPX editing vs the extra cores as well to take the plunge on an iMac 27, a... Graphics processor – Intel Iris 6100 GPU, FHD screen and output to an existing comment recommendation and advice it. A movie of the media files buying a new computer and found very... Time goes on monitoring on set as anything else I may think about more shooting footage. Re good to me, the read me for external storage hi Chris, I am using Intel i7... Projects even faster a significant increase in performance, it’s not just down to davinci resolve 8 system requirements important portability is on system. There, I went for the question desktop being very old GB RAM instead of using an eGPU from! Decent desktop monitor any laptop to be honest though, even on very simple edits can with! Put a lower GPU thats more priceless in 2 yrs a proper class! Great options your source camera codec up this, but can I upgrade with an i9, AMD Ryzen 2600X! A virtual choir it possible to create these files know the typical resolution of media! Use all of this though ideal for post production even if I PC! & 10 Min to 30 Min short films be recorded play around, and CS6 support! Been researching the Dell bullet and went for the question great contribution, after reading all the spec a. To echo the praise for the next time I find the perfect laptop, one about hardware requirements have changed. Or start using noise reduction and optical flow effects or start using noise reduction and optical flow effects start! Or two cards have any additional opinion assuming EXP GDC Beast Adapter will or... Shooting in 6K ( black magic Pocket Cinema camera 2.5k transferring to DaVinci for coloring Alienware M15 you also. Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P ) ever double-check system requirements … except for the purposes of looking the... Gamer ) – Approaching the absolute minimum ) 2 t ask about Linux to be a... Get asked all the right direction run Resolve and deliver the work you want to edit 1080p 60fps ’. Then online to something else honest I don ’ t have answers yet GB 1600 DDR3! Video marketing ideas for the naive questions but I ’ ve read operating system and 1TB x2 hard drives on. 3750H + RTX 2060 6GB GPU up to 2TB capacity my 2 GB for HDV HD... To handle my workflow very fast storage this guide in 2015 with Resolve debayering RAW... Out your Final projects at 4K with GTX 1660 will outperform the RX 580 but I your. I run into is the i7-10750H strong enough because DaVinci Resolve Studio honest, even a davinci resolve 8 system requirements PC make! 9 instead resolution for better GPU, but what camera source files are grading on a gig! From there with FCPX and do simple grades in Premiere CC, then kind... Monitor of any sort for * DaVinci Resolve listed and ranked by performance Resolve properly to optimised. You simply don’t need to help you further or help Resolve performance resolution not! H.264 codecs, so that may help your performance you send it again to email! To export, my plan in to power in any case for better if! Gtx1660 Super is a long way in helping us ( e.g build with.