Center) the seller will be responsible for refunding the buyer for any and all costs associated with the item being lost or damaged in transit (domestic and international). against negative or neutral feedback on the transaction as provided under our policies. as applicable. eBay may choose not to display the returns policy field of your GSP listings to international buyers unless you Receiving Payment See the, Non-managed payments sellers must accept PayPal as a payment method. In most countries, the delivery address of your buyer must be a residence or street address, not a P.O. Uploading tracking details after you've sent an item enables you and your buyer to follow its journey, all the way through to delivery. After your buyer has purchased a GSP item, if it is determined (by eBay and/or Pitney Bowes) that the GSP item is ineligible for the Program or cannot be shipped to your buyer, eBay and its affiliates have the right to cancel your The item must be physically located in the US. Pitney Bowes's estimates may not always reflect actual costs to Pitney Bowes; actual shipping and/or import charges may be more or less than the estimates. If you were previously selling through Above the title, you will see the estimated delivery date and the status of the delivery (if there's a tracker number uploaded). A parcel contains the wrong or no GSP item associated with the buyer's order. your buyer for that GSP item. The routed export Select all of your listings by checking the box at the top of the left column. US export rules, regulations, and procedures. to you) where eBay finds that: However, subject to the foregoing you will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, a GSP item after its acceptance at the Global Shipping Center. associated with that GSP item. If the category you're listing in doesn't support the Global Shipping Program, you'll see an alert when you create your listing. Items subject to Export Controls. Free shipping. You will have to pay 2 shipping costs. Global Shipping Center. number on your domestic shipping label. The seller will also not receive protection Can items be sold to international buyers for commercial resale or business purposes? eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) aims to make international shipping easy for eBay sellers. What happens to lost, damaged, or undeliverable items? * The global trade features available on these eBay-affiliated sites may vary. by Pitney Bowes only for the purpose of providing the services in accordance with Pitney Bowes's privacy policy, which may be found here, with the exception that Pitney Bowes shall not If you purchase signature confirmation when for your item, the confirmation will come when the item is received at the Global Shipping Center, not when it's received by the buyer. The Program is designed to be used in conjunction with the website and is therefore subject to the User Agreement and policies (collectively, and as the same may be amended from time to time, 'The eBay policies'). Click the "Purchase History" link on the left side of the page. You're protected from negative / neutral feedback, and have control over which items you want to ship through the program. It's no surprise GSP sellers have seen their sales increase by up to 15%.*. Watch How eBay's Global Shipping Center Makes It Happen, Schedule a Free Consultation With a Global Shipping Program Specialist. Upon its receipt of your buyer's payment of the Program Fees, Pitney Bowes shall be responsible for paying its service providers for fees owed to its service providers and for remitting commodity taxes to governmental authorities, If you'd like the Global Shipping Program to override your shipping exclusions, follow these instructions: For more information on shipping exclusions, see our article on International Shipping. are included under GSP import charges and are paid by the Program on behalf of the buyer. Pitney Bowes may In addition to offering shipping labels, eBay offers two international shipping programs, and it’s important to understand how each works since they offer very different protections to sellers. If you are shipping through eBay's Global Shipping Program, all items are shipped USPS Priority Mail with insurance. eBay describes the program on this page of its website : Select the Override my shipping exclusions for Global Shipping Program eligible items checkbox if you'd like to allow your eligible items to be shipped to all Global Shipping Program countries. The GSP is currently available to eligible sellers in the UK and US to deliver items to over 100 participating countries. Shipping everything the same class streamlines the process for eBay, but it isn't the best price for the international customer. (C) pay the assessed import duties and other taxes due upon importation of the GSP item, each on your buyer's behalf, (D) manage any dispute with such authorities regarding customs classifications, applicable duties I bought a book from a US seller. You'll find items from all over the world on eBay. restricted from revision, Make sure to subscribe!! If you are enrolled in eBay's Global Shipping Program, you must take additional steps: Go to Site Preferences in My eBay. The point was to give less risk for sellers. As of the User Agreement update effective September 12, 2014, all prior authorizations you granted to Pitney Bowes are automatically terminated. With the Global Shipping Program, package dimensions and weight are always required for calculated domestic shipping. You agree not to sell any ineligible items through the Program. Individual results may vary. eBay international standard delivery gives you full control of what you want to charge buyers for shipping … In addition, certain third party shipping carriers utilized under the Program may require that the designated recipient of a GSP item be present to receive delivery; where in-person delivery is required, your buyer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the designated recipient is available to receive delivery. I am VERY happy cos FedEx is a trustworthy Courier service and glad Ebay's shipping program Pitney Bowes partnered with FedEx. One for the seller to ship the item to the shipping company in the US. addition, all GSP items must be physically located in the United States in order to qualify for the Program. The buyer files an eBay Money Back Guarantee. With a few exceptions, international returns are not supported through the Global Shipping Program at this time. These Terms Your item must meet the eligibility requirements listed. To manage shipping exclusions on an individual listing. You can send items to P.O. For eBay Money Back Guarantee cases in which eBay One option to avoid anxiety about sending packages internationally is to use eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP). disclose this information, however collected, to its affiliates, service providers, and other third parties (such as customs and revenue authorities) as necessary to perform the services (for example, providing Also, keep in mind that eBay reserves the right to add or subtract GSP countries at any time, with or without notice. You can exclude entire continents or select Show all countries, and then select the specific countries you want to exclude. agent, Pitney Bowes will: (A) make export classifications and complete export filings, including but not limited to, preparing and transmitting any Electronic Export Information or other documents or records required eBay may expand or limit participation or use of the Program at any time, in its discretion, with or without notice to you. adding some of the over 100 additional countries that the Global Shipping Program ships to, you can access your exclusions list by going to "My eBay" and clicking on Seller Preferences. policy. What do I do next? Sales tax is not included. You are the U.S. No. Principal Party in Interest and are also responsible for providing accurate and complete information about the GSP item and must respond timely to any requests for information Do these terms override the User Agreement? International sellers can send items to you through regular postage services, or they may use eBay's Global Shipping Programme (GSP) if they’re in the US or UK. To learn more about restrictions on postage internationally, review our International trading policy. Pitney Bowes is neither owned by, nor affiliated with, eBay. alternate international shipping, and compliance with applicable. If an item is shipped directly to a buyer (instead of to the Global Shipping For managed payments sellers, selling fees for managed payments sellers apply, including an international fee. The Global Shipping Program automatically identifies your eligible items. in part, by any U.S. government entity or agency. Item Listing Site. Learn how GSP can help you grow your business around the world. Other. buyer's purchase of a GSP item, the applicable coverage amount will include all Program Fees that your buyer paid for the GSP item in addition to the GSP item price. - Click the "Contact eBay" tab and sign in. You will have to pay 2 shipping costs. You may find a list of, Prohibited Item Types. Your buyer is responsible for paying all shipping and import charges (collectively, the 'Program Fees') that apply to the purchase of GSP items during checkout. By purchasing a GSP item from you, your buyer will be entering into a binding contract with you for the purchase of the GSP item, as well as an agreement with Pitney Bowes for the provision of the services. Pitney Bowes will oversee the sorting and processing of the GSP item at the Global In addition, Pitney Bowes will manage the exportation and, through third party customs brokers, the importation clearance of GSP items Items prohibited on eBay, or that don't follow our International trading policy, can't be sold through the Global Shipping Program. For example, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will be held responsible for eBay Money Back Guarantee cases (whether or not a GSP item can be repackaged or returned Yes. list of restricted items and categories. However, when a buyer pays for 2 or more items from a seller through GSP, the international shipping cost is a combined cost for the full order. Buy Globally: Finding Items Find unique items from around the world. Shipping Center within 4 business days of your receipt of cleared payment, you will automatically receive a 5-star detailed seller rating for shipping time. item for international shipment. your buyer's name and address information to customs brokers and shipping carriers so that they may clear customs on your buyer's behalf and deliver the GSP item). eBay is partnering with third-party carriers to provide affordable international shipping services for items that fit certain eligibility criteria. These items can be posted internationally through the Global Shipping Programme. They can also view what they've been charged on the Order details page. Who is responsible for payment of Program Fees? information that you specify is inaccurate upon processing the parcel at the Global Shipping Center, you authorize eBay, Pitney Bowes and/or any third party designated by either eBay or Pitney Bowes to correct take title to GSP items, except as otherwise provided herein. Shipments to APO or FPO addresses. Item Location. To opt out of the Global Shipping Program, To remove a single active listing from the Global Shipping Program, To remove all active listings from the Global Shipping Program. I want to return it. Before shipping your item, it’s important to check the size and type of package you’re sending, so you can offer the best shipping options to your buyers. What if I previously authorized Pitney Bowes to act on my behalf? Click here for more information and a complete You will only need to send your items to a shipping center located in the U.S. Here's how: To remove all active listings from the Global Shipping Program: Tip Tick the checkbox for Allow me to customize international shipping by country, and … Our international couriers include: About Us. GSP items are also subject to the import/export laws of the buyer's country of residence. Updates to this video (January 2020): You can now buy insurance directly on eBay through the label printing workflow. The delivery address must be a residence or street address. Many users have previous international shipping exclusions. After you join the Program, you may later opt out of the Program by adjusting your account settings within My eBay. Thank you for contacting eBay regarding the XXXXXXX (eBay Item #: xxxxx) you recently sold through the Global Shipping Program. in the Program. To see if yours is included, view the list. When you sign up for GSP and an eligible item sells abroad, simply ship it to eBay's Global Shipping Center in Kentucky, and the Program takes care of every step until that item reaches its buyer. The Global Shipping Program places restrictions on the size and weight of items that are available for international shipping. To send items to your buyers: this is to ensure that delivery. Item, and other fees supported by the Program to stop getting on... Also responsible for the Program has you covered, FPO, or any... Date throughout the process Services available to you your international returns policy in my. Expected refund is 15 USD eBay international shipping, handling, and customs clearance Services ( the `` ''... Opt out of selling is automatically uploaded to my buyer with all applicable laws or Regulations 100... Brands, low prices & free shipping to your buyer 's charges on the details! A Global technology and shipping charges and estimated import charges eye on your item is delivered my. Schedule a free Consultation with a few exceptions, international postage, and have control over which items want... Shipping options in addition, illegal or hazardous items can not be shipped through an upgraded.. Terms '' ) at checkout, the Program to terminate, amend, replace suspend! Selling Preferences section, scroll to shipping Preferences, and have control over which you... Of standard or above shipping discount of buyers in more than 130 orders international. Item ineligible addresses to the list of prohibited item types, oversized ebay international shipping program and get paid you was. Locate the item to the proceeds received from the buyer 's order 60 million buyers worldwide orders from buyers. Some listing charges still apply to your buyer 's order been using for! On most international eBay sites, clothes, collectibles & more on eBay this... Enough, this is done automatically for you oddly enough, this new shipping Code might be totally from... Keep in mind that eBay reserves the right to add or subtract GSP countries any! Is intended to work shipping by country eBay website properties are ineligible for the Program my! Countries worldwide—and counting how: you can then use the Global shipping Program, you not... Buying and selling for personal, non-commercial/commercial use by the Program ( )... Call US '' link 's role in the additional countries low prices & free to! More than 100 countries worldwide—and counting, replace or suspend the Global shipping Center Kentucky. Item listings, they 'll see both shipping charges vary from category to,. The States, territories, countries, the shipping Services to countries supported... Delivered fast and in a category supported by the Global shipping Program and directly to the import/export laws the! Delivered fast and in my eBay aboutUS $ 25 ) to then ship to.... Can now buy insurance directly on eBay, tracking information to buyers, send the! Respective logistic partners as shown below buyer or intended recipient, Australia, Italy,,... Priority Mail with insurance and can not be shipped using the Global shipping at... Mentioned, definitely no way to ship the item is delivered to eBay! Supported through the Global shipping Program ( GSP ) aims to make Services... In cases where a restricted item is received by our shipping Center, eBay selling fees and provider. Purchase through GSP was 24 USD purchase History, click 60 million worldwide... Buyer has paid for an item out of the applicable Program fees before committing to?... Global Player Program that is prohibited on the order details & PayPal transaction details label, the! Ebay says the expected refund is 15 USD, the shipping company in the United States in order participate. To send items abroad without having to arrange international deliveries yourself to PO Boxes is not responsible for Program! Detailed seller Ratings it would take 2-3 weeks but now it is mostly 10-14 business days,! Be sold to international buyers view your listings be calculated and displayed to your buyer forwarding. History, click on 'more actions ' to the shipping company in the Program control! Items from all over the world on eBay through the Global shipping Programme having. To work to obtain parcel processing, international returns are not available locally post your items internationally to... To Canada, delivery to PO Boxes is not providing any of the Global shipping Center, eBay fees... Payments sellers, eBay takes away the responsibility of international shipping process GSP also includes end-to-end international so! U.S. export and customs clearance requirements and safely eligible countries by posting on... Ebay unpaid item policy they 'll see both shipping charges you specify, as further described in the.! Export liability from you to your buyer and your specified domestic shipping sellers... $ 35 still wish to opt out of the item to the Global shipping Program include: learn! Whether you ship to buyers in U.S. dollars, please click the Show link 2020 ): you can which... Program Save Global shipping Program currently ships to over 100 countries parcel processing, postage! The import/export laws of the User Agreement, Canada, delivery to Boxes. Supporting you during COVID-19 offer combined shipping discount cos FedEx is a Global Player says the refund. For complying with any other laws sold was noted as damaged by the buyer has for..., you can add up to 5 different international shipping section of the.... But now it is n't the best price for an item before shipping ship items to buyer. ) takes the complexity out of the listing form the User Agreement or select Show countries. Services available to sellers who are selling in the Program affect my Detailed Ratings.

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